Privacy Law Library

The Privacy Law Library is a comprehensive database that tracks privacy jurisprudence globally in order to help researchers and other interested stakeholders learn more about privacy regulation and case law. The database is designed to be useful for multiple stakeholders, including, lawyers, policy makers, judicial officers and industry representatives.

As data collection and processing activities by businesses and governments alike continue to play a large role in both our online and offline lives, it becomes imperative that data governance models from around the world adapt to new changes and learn from each other to serve the privacy rights of affected individuals.

The right to privacy is an essential component for enjoyment of autonomy and self-determination for all human beings. As the gamut of our civil liberties evolve, the right to privacy will be crucial to the development of other human rights like gender equality, bodily autonomy, and freedom of speech and expression.

Privacy Law Library is a single resource which attempts to assist researchers and decision makers from around the world in the development of privacy law and jurisprudence.

About Privacy Law Library

About CCG

The Centre for Communication Governance at National Law University Delhi (CCG) was established in 2013 to ensure that Indian legal education establishments engage more meaningfully with information law and policy, and contribute to improved governance and policy making.


CCG is the only academic research centre dedicated to working on the information law and policy in India and in the short span of time has become a leading centre on information policy in the region. It seeks to embed human rights and good governance within communication policy and protect digital rights in India through rigorous academic research, policy intervention, and capacity building. CCG’s work fits into three broad categories - capacity-building, research and policy work. If you are interested in finding more information about CCG’s work, please visit our website or contact us.

About NLU Delhi

NLU Delhi was set up by the National Law University, Delhi Act, 2007. The primary objective of the University is to evolve and impart comprehensive and interdisciplinary legal education that is socially relevant.


Through this education, the University aims to promote legal and ethical values and foster the rule of law and the objectives enshrined in the Constitution of India. The University works toward dissemination of legal knowledge and its role in national development, so that the ability to analyse and present contemporary issues of public concern and their legal implications for the benefit of the public is improved. These processes strive to promote legal awareness in the community and to achieve political, social and economic justice. To read more about the University’s academic and research programs, please visit NLU Delhi’s website.